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The guided relaxation recorded on these recordings have been carefully designed to assist you in achieving a state of inner peace and serenity. Simply being in this deeply relaxed state will reduce your stress. In addition, as you absorb the positive suggestions and follow the guided imagery, you will begin a process of positive change. As you listen to these sessions, the suggestions begin to take root in your subconscious, permanently replacing past negative messages.

Regular use of these recordings will assist you in tapping your inner resources. For best results listen to your session every day for a period of eight to twelve weeks. Although you may notice a difference within the first week or two, permanent change does take time.

***Sessions are $15.00each***
The double and triple session sets are $20.00

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Personal Growth Series

  • #P001 Self-hypnosis - The Journey
  • #P002 Study, Memory and Exam Anxiety
  • #P003 Stuttering - Confidence in Speaking
  • #P004 Deep Relaxation
  • #P005 Confidence - Success in Reaching Goals
  • #P006 Public Speaking
  • #P007 Blushing
  • #P008 Developing Intuition, Creativity & Prosperity
  • #P009 Problem Release
  • #P010 Facial Flushing and Anxiety with Public Speaking
  • #P011 Release Depression
  • #P012 Stop Procrastinating
  • #P013 Confidence In Approaching Women **note** this is a 2-session set
  • #P014 Acing Your Job Interview
  • #P015 Controlling Road Rage
  • #P016 You Are An Amazing Lover
  • #P017 Exuding Sexuality
  • #P018 Healing Grief
  • #P019 Developing Your Sense Of Humour Fully
  • #P020 Creating Financial Abundance
  • #P021 Increase Your Typing Speed

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